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Creating something you’re passionate about, working on important initiatives, and empowering people to better themselves daily makes you eager to start each day.

Ruslan Latypov
Startup COO | fenls.com



Our vision for smart education involves building an individualized learning system that actively integrates information technology, ML, and AI technologies, as well as network resources.

The primary objectives of our smart education include:

• Implementing customized learning tailored to different levels and abilities, leveraging the behavioral analysis of learners

• Designing and utilizing digital textbooks

• Establishing an environment where learners can access materials anytime, anywhere, courtesy of information technology


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One of the most important benefits of information technology is that it gives people a chance to do what they want to do. Technologies let people be creative, enthusiastic, achieve things they didn’t think they could imagine before.

Anatolii Grishin
Startup CTO | fenls.com